Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Family Blog

In just a few weeks our little boy will arrive. Over the past year and half we have tried to keep all of you updated on our little Ella. Now that the family is growing we have decided to have a family blog that will keep you posted on the entire Skelton family. We hope you enjoy our new blog. We would love to hear from each of you!

Ella's new favorite place to play.... Hudson's room.

Well.... here it is....Hudson's new room. After a full day of painting the mural is finally finished! Chrissy is so glad that the mural is done..... I pretty much had to lock myself in the room for the entire day so that Ella would not get in the paint. Throughout the day Ella would come to Hudson's door wanting in..... she realized that I was in there. Once we were able to show her the mural the only word she would say was .... WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! As you should guess she loves the fish and bright colors. Hudson's room has become her favorite place to play. Each morning when Ella wakes she wants to go in the room. As you can see the photos below, she enjoys the room.

Ella is pointing, trying to show you where the fish is about to swim.

Ella loves the green chair the in room. She likes for me turn her around in it.

Our little Vanna White is showcasing the mural.

We found some cool Pottery Barn Kids baskets to go under Hudson's bed. You can write on the baskets with chalk!

Ella doing what she enjoys most..... playing in Hudson's room.

This Green guy welcomes guest as they walk into Hudson's room. Ella is trying to learn how to say frog.

This little red bench fit perfectly into Hudson's tropical underwater decor.

Ella enjoys sitting on the red bench... we think it makes her feel like a big girl.

This koi fish brings alot of excitement to the room.

Ella enjoys talking to the fish.

Just woke-up!

A little girl in the deep blue sea!

Hudson's new things

Our close friends Wade and Kimberly gave Hudson these awesome lobster swim shorts for the summer. Chrissy and absolutely love them!

Chrissy and I found this bib during one of our speciality shop adventures.

Mama Glo bought Hudson this cool shoes..... we love them!!