Monday, February 25, 2008

Christmas in February

Over the past 3 weeks Chrissy and I have been doing some needed work in our yard. With warmer weather and another baby on the way we thought it would be best to take care of a few items. We just installed an awesome privacy fence and mulched a section of our back yard. In conjunction with all of this work we were finally able to install Ella's christmas gift.... her new playhouse. Her playhouse has been sitting in the garage for months, waiting to be put together. As you can see in these photos Ella loves the playhouse. We can't wait for spring.... many of you know we love to entertain by having people over. We can't wait to enjoy this with family and friends.

Ready for Warm Weather

Ella is excited about her new bathing suit. Finding the right fit has been a little challenging. We realize it will be a while before warm weather arrives but Ella is now ready.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Happy Day

The past two days have been wonderful.... much due to the fact that Ella is now feeling great! It is so nice to see a day when everyone is happy and healthy!

Goodbye Jax

Since our arrival in Birmingham (June 07) our closest friends have been Wade and Kimberly Lombard. Much of the reason for me being at Metro Church is due to them. We have experience alot with the Lombards over the past 8 months. We have lived with them... we have shared weekly meals together.... we have shopped together... and the list could go on. The Lombards have a son, Jax, who is the same age as Ella. Jax and Ella have played together weekly. People many times think that Ella and Jax are twins. This week, Ella's friend Jax moved to Austin, Texas. Chrissy and I have been sad about the move but realize that God has something great instore for this wonderful family.
So to Jax..... I will miss you dearly! Thanks for being such a great friend. I can't wait to come and visit you soon. - Your Friend Ella Grace

The Winter Blues

This winter Ella has experienced about every form of sickness possible. One week she has the cold, the next week she has a form of bronchitis and this past week she had the flu! As you can see in these photos she has been through just about all that nature can bring. Having the flu on Valentine's day was no fun.... not only that.... Chrissy and Ella both had the flu.
There was only one way to help this Valentine's Day be a blast.... for Chrissy, she got her favorite ..... Godiva chocolates...for Ella, she got a new baby stroller. It was amazing to see how a baby stroller can brighten a little girls day!

A sick little Ella.

Can life be anymore fun?

Ella loves her babies.