Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our little Monkey...

Who knew that a toddler could be into so many things? Chrissy and I feel as if Ella is always into something. Last week, she finally accomplished the task of learning to open the pantry door.... now she thinks she can have a gummy Dora the Explorer snack all the time....
Yesterday...while I was not looking... she decided to stand on top of the basket in the living room and jump on top of me and Hudson..... not only that but Hudson has become Ella's new riding horse.... we have now caught her on 15 different occasions sitting on top of Hudson! She is saying "Getty Up Horsey"! So I ask the question... "What in the world are we going to do?"
We for sure have a little monkey on our hands....

Mondays with Mommy

On Mondays, while Ella is @ school and I am at work, Hudson and Chrissy have a day together. One of their favorite places to go is to the YMCA in Trussville. Chrissy can take fitness classes or walk the track with Hudson. Hudson and Ella love the YMCA. Not only is the facility great but the people there are extremely nice.
On this specific day, Hudson also took his mom on a date to Iz2 cafe.
Hudson loves his mommy!

Early Mornings with Hudson

Ella is our sleeping child... she goes to bed @ 7 each night and wakes @ 7-7:30 each morning. Hudson on the other hand is our awake child.... sleeping does not seem as important to him. Hudson fights sleep... naps are a forced subject with our little boy. Each morning Hudson awakes around 5 then falls back asleep awaking again @ 6. Last week he learned to turn himself over.... this morning... for the first time... we found Hudson in his crib on his belly. The look on his face was as if he was having the time of his life... kicking and doing his fake swimming routine.
Hudson is happy as can be.... even if it is 6 in the morning.
Breakfast is normally a joyful time... this morning... I don't think he was so excited about his cereal mixed with prunes.
Like his sister.. Hudson has the facial expression gene.... He is learning from the best actress Ella... or maybe I should say Chrissy.... I will let you decide :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

This morning.....

This morning Ella and I arrived to drop her off @ preschool. After getting out of the car, Ella decided that she didn't want to go to preschool. So what does she decide to do? Cling to the brick column.... This facial expression could have won an "Emmy award"! It is hard to believe that a 2 yr old can be such an actress...
After talking... Ella decided she was glad to be @ school.
Ella became so excited that she led me to the door..... almost knocking herself over.
As soon as we enter the room.... where does Ella go? Straight to the rocking chair.... what does she begin to say? "Daddy rock.." At this moment the teacher is saying to me... "She is wanting daddy to rock".... I feeling like a dork..... once again.... for the 6th time.... rock in the chair! All for my little girl!
As I was leaving Ella was intrigued with a new toy in the room... some type of shopping cart that sings food songs.

The Boots

A decade ago a song came out entitle "Who's bed has your boots been under?".... That song has taken on a new meaning over the past few weeks. Ella has been under our bed, in our closet and falling throughout the house with her new favorite attire... Chrissy's black boots! Seeing her in the boots is quite a comical sight. Shania Twain would be so proud to see Ella strutting in her mama's boots!

Early Morning Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, Chrissy had a women's breakfast on Saturday morning. Chrissy took Hudson with her. While she was at her breakfast Ella and I had a date at Cracker Barrel. Ella enjoyed the following things during the date: 1. the attention of her daddy, 2. the biscuits and jelly, 3. the rocking chairs, 4. the deer head hanging on the wall. (FYI: Ella is obsessed with the deer head! She has to get this from her Papa Skelton...Chrissy and I surely don't see the need for a deer head.)
After our yummy breakfast Ella wanted to go and see the fountain at the office park across the street. These photos are from our early morning adventure....

Ella's first Birthday party

Ella attended her first offical big girl birthday party. Ella has a friend named Parker that attends our church. Parker had his 2nd birthday party @ Gymboree Play Place. Ella loved Gymboree's wonderful world of creative equipment for preschoolers. As you can see in these photos Ella loves Parker.... more than that... Ella loves cake! The term "party" has taken on a new meaning for Ella.

Ella's First Day of School

Ella has officially began her school adventure.... Last week she start preschool @ Briarwood Presbyterian Church. We love her teachers Ms. Susan and Ms. Jan. Ella has 7 other children in her class. She comes home each day talking about some kids named Molly, Noah and Jeb. Each morning as we drop Ella off, her daily ritual is having me to rock in the teacher's rocking chair beside her. Who can believe that Ella is about to be 2 years old.... time is flying.