Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our growing little boy...

Hudson is now a week old. We feel as if he has grown and changed so much since bringing him home. He is feeding exceptionally well..... the night sleeping schedule still has some need work.
After 1 1/2 weeks of being off, I start back to work tommorrow. Please keep Chrissy in your prayers as she transitions over the next few days with me no longer being at home.

A Wonderful Mommy and Wife

Chrissy truly is the best mommy and wife. I watch her each day and am constantly amazed at her devotion to caring for our family. Hudson and Ella are so blessed to have Chrissy as their mother. As I look at this photo.... I realize even more how blessed I am to have her as a wife.

Chrissy and her two little bundles of joy!

Daddy's Little Ella Bell and Hudson

As a dad nothing is more wonderful in life than having your kids cuddled up in your lap. Everytime Hudson is in my arms, Ella wants to be in my arms. Words cannot express how much I love these two little blessings.
Ella wanting to make sure that she is not left out.... it is a challenge trying to pick her up while holding Hudson!
Ella getting her kisses that sometimes she loves... and sometimes she hates. I figure I must get the kisses while they are young... I am told that the older they get... the less kisses come.

Ella Loves Her Brother!!!

These are some wonderful photos of Ella and Hudson. It has been amazing to watch Ella change over the past week, especially when it comes to loving upon Hudson. She truly loves her little brother. She is so cute when she says..."Baby... Hudson". She wakes each morning looking for him.