Monday, November 3, 2008

Little boy blue......

This photo captures to true personality of our son. Hudson... almost 7 months old.... is one of the most laid back babies you could ever meet. He is always happy... especially when his little sister is around. Ella loves her brother... she spends a majority of her time trying to entertain him by saying... "Hudson, I get you... Hudson, I get you"... following up with kisses all over his face.
Seeing such love for our kids makes us so happy to have them so close together!

Our Fashionista.....

Last Thursday Ella arrived @ school wearing her new boots. Ella's teacher, Ms. Jan, greeted us saying.... "Please look Susan...... look @ what our fashionista has on today!" Susan and Jan are Ella's teachers @ Briarwood Church. Chrissy and I are thanking God for placing these ladies in Ella's life. We are so thankful for both of them.


Not really sure if I spelled this title correctly but you get the idea.... Hudson is growing so quickly that all of his pants look like........ highwaters! Everytime we put pants on him... he seems to have grown! We have this feeling that he might carry the same gene as his dad.... Chrissy seems to think that I also wear highwaters @ times... go figure. I pray that I am not still growing...

Minnie and Little Moo

This Halloween Ella was Minnie Mouse... courtesy of Glo Glo and Papa Randy. Ella had ears but they were just two big for her little head. Hudson was Little Moo..... a cow costume that we found @ Gap Kids. Our neighborhood had a professional face painter come to paint the kid's faces before trick or treating. We took Ella... hoping that we could make her look like Minnie Mouse without having to wear those complicated mouse ears. This painter did ok.... she had never done Minnie before... I had to take Ella home and add wiskers.... Ella loved getting her face painted (you can see photos below)
This year we had our close friends from ATL, Ed and Tracey, in town to trick or treat with us. We had so much fun walking Ella house to house as Minnie Mouse. Ella thought that the candy idea was the greatest thing.

Minnie Mouse Part 2

Minnie Mouse went to a party last week... her face had a totally different look than her halloween face. This face was a dad created face... not a professional face painter.
Minnie Mouse getting her faced painted by a "professional face painter"

Ella's friend Josie....

Last week Chrissy and I had our church development pastor's kids over for a spend the night party. The Swank's have four daughters who are the nicest kids. Josie, who is 3 years old, is one of Ella's favorite friends. We had so much having these girls over..... Chrissy made apple dapple with them.... we played games..... and even had pancakes the next morning.

Ella's favorite place to play.....

Ella has a new favorite place to play... in daddy's car! Ella can't wait each day to jump in my car when I get home.