Monday, June 30, 2008

Hudson's Birth Announcement

Have we ever told you how much Ella loves books?

Chrissy and I are thanking God for Ella's love of books. We have more books than one could imagine. If we are searching for Ella in the house, many times we will find her sitting somewhere "play" reading thru a book.

Not only does Ella have a passion for books.... but also for the great outdoors.

Hudson's Newborn photos

I realize it has been a while... but I am finally able to post Hudson's newborn photos. Chrissy and I could not be more proud of these photos. Our close friend Becky Abernathy did a terrific job photographing our little Hudson.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camp Rocks

Last week was a week to remember.... I spent it with 21 kids and 6 adults from Metro @ Camp Rocks. Camp Rocks is a Christian camp that was started by my good friend, Cindy Hunnicutt, @ Lake Allatoona, Georgia. As you can see in the above photo our Metro family had a great time. The highlight of the week was seeing Metro's kids developing new friends with the other children attending the camp. A special thanks goes to my awesome team: Kay Dick, David Lamb, Jane Ann Stone,
Rachel Stone, Andi and Wes McCoy.

Father's Day fun in the Park

Part of my father's day wish was to eat mexican for dinner and take the kids to the park. Ella loves the park.... which means we spend alot of time there. Spending the time going down the slides with Ella was one of the best father's day gifts I could have received.

More Fun at the Park

The Day of a Happy Father

It seems sort of odd writing about myself... or should I say... my father's day. My father's day was truly a day to remember. From the waking of Ella to the nightly prayers, everything was perfect. Chrissy did such a great job with my father's day gift.... which were.... my favorite type of shoe... Cole Haan. Plus on top of that a really awesome shirt from another favorite store, Banana Republic. I cannot thank God enough for the wonderful wife and two kids that he has given me. (Sorry that Hudson looks a little annoyed in the photos.)

A clean house is a happy house!

In a marriage there is certain things that you enjoy doing when it comes to cleaning and certain things that you desire to pass off to your spouse. For Chrissy and I, I am the one who sweeps and mops. Chrissy is the duster and bathroom cleaner. I absolutely hate dusting.... Chrissy hates mopping. So... we are a good balance. While doing one of our weekly cleanings, Ella decided to join in on the fun. These photos give you a good idea of what our cleaning experience looked like.

A visit from Lilley Kate and Vada

Lilley Kate and Ella
Chrissy has a close childhood friend named Lacey. Lacey has two beautiful girls who are only weeks apart from Hudson and Ella. Lacey came to visit Chrissy this past week while I was off at Camp Rocks with our kids from church.

Hudson and Vada

Fun Times in the Pool with Daddy

One of Ella's favorite things to do is to play in the swimming pool. As you can see in these photos we have been having some fun this summer in the pool.

Memorial Day Fun

We spent time @ the pool during Memorial Day. Ella loved Glo Glo and Papa Randy's pool. Their pool has been become one of her favorite places to play!

Sweet Hudson... relaxing in the sun.

11 weeks old

This is a true Ella melt down.....

We don't see these often but when we do this is what they look like.... Boy, can these be fun!

Our Little Blue Eyes

Ella's personality is developing more and more each day. Chrissy and I can only laugh as we see aspects of each of us within Ella.
This blue dress is one of our favorite outfits for Ella.