Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Season of Giving Back......

3 months ago our church here in Birmingham had a special emphasis on "Giving Back to the Community". On a selected Sunday the church took up an offering to use in creating projects that would give to the community. One of the many projects that was giving back a renovated children's ministry space to a small church 1 1/2 hrs from Birmingham. The photos below give you a little insight into what type of project we did. I had to pretty much start from ground up with the entire facility. The walls were white and the ministry need a new name and theme. I meet with the children's pastor the church and discussed things such as:
1. The church's current programming
2. The community cultural elements... for the community it was hunting, fishing and things that people do in central Alabama.
3. Space Allocation and evaluation was a central element
4. The Children's Pastor desires were alot like the needs of a previous remodel done in Atlanta.
In the end..... I came up with... "Camp Discovery- The children's ministry of Buhl Church of God". Camp Discovery is a place where children discover God in all of his creations.
These type projects are the highlight of ministry for me. I can't tell you how much joy this project brought me..... and hopefully will bring kids for years to come.


Staci said...

Camp Discovery looks a little familiar :)

I'm not kidding, Derrick, you need to be a consultant or something! You are sitting on a gold mine!!

The Edgeworths said...

Derrick, that is amazing as usual! You are so very talented! Hope all is well in the Skelton household.